is an immersive performance created for public spaces in which the audience can participate with their own bikes. Conny Zenk, Gischt, Verena Dürr, Ramona Cidej and Matthias Hurtl develop a multi-channel open air sound experience in motion. On the basis of field recordings from different locations in Floridsdorf, sonic atmospheres of the city are captured, from central to peripheral locations. On three evenings in June, a swarm of bicycles with mobile speakers move as a soundride from the last piece of danube forest in Brigittenau to Floridsdorf. “Understanding sound as relational, as what may traffic across acoustics and electronics, bodies and machines, supporting contact with the world.” – LaBelle, Brandon. Acoustic Justice, 2021

Team RAD Performerinnen on Soundbikes: Beo, Bull, Conny, Elena, Gulnaz, Krähe, Ines, Pina Artistic Direction, Concept, Performance: Conny Zenk Technical Direction: Georg Hartl Text & Poetry: Verena Dürr Performer: Suzie Léger Sound Art: Gischt, Matthias Hurtl, Conny Zenk Philosophical Framework: Ramona Cidej Fashion: Birgit Rampula / amateur On-Site Recording: Conny Zenk, Ursula Winterauer Outside Eye: Rahel Kraft Video: Ioana Tarchila Montage: Chris Schratt Graphic design: Hannah Mayr Production: Lena Kauer / der goldene shit
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